Helpful case studies

“The case studies were a great opportunity to see the variety of loans that could be used but also reinforced that they weren’t necessarily the most effective.”

Kirsty Wing, Sanofi

Easily understood

“Interesting and easily understood.  The real life examples were beneficial and made things clear.”

Sue Wratten, Atherton Smiths


“Outstanding.  It’s amazing how much knowledge you were able to impart.”

Spiro Arkouzis

Got me thinking

“Got me thinking about my business and my life in a positive manner.”

Michael Dudink, Smartline

Practical and engaging

“Chris’ course wasn’t ‘brain frying’ – it was really practical and engaging.  It wasn’t rushed.  The atmosphere was fun and relaxed.”

Rebecca Gould, Smartline


“Unbelievably awesome!  Exceeded all expectations.”

Scott Stevenson, Smartline

Five out of five

“I give the course and the facilitator five out of five!  Both were of a high industry standard.”

Peter Manning, Care Finance

Fantastic delivery

“On behalf of the whole team we thank you for the fantastic delivery of the Diploma course.  I am so pleased we chose you.”

Aldo Cecere, Director, Acquired Home Loans

Huge insight

“As a real estate agent this course has given me a huge insight into how ‘this side’ of things work.”

Michele Paterson, Professionals Kuranda
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