• This course has helped further my career path

  • The course exceeded all expectations

  • The real life examples were beneficial

Take your career to the next level with FARSTA

(Registered Training Organisation – Number 31635)

The finance industry today is an extremely complex, competitive and changing environment.  The finance professional that wants to succeed into the future is the one willing to invest in their most precious resource – their people, and their own personal development.

The best learning outcomes

Audio, visual or kinesthetic?  How do you learn best?  At FARSTA our training is structured to cater for individual learning styles and particular needs.  We will keep you on track, engaged and enthused to ensure you get the most out of you course.

Skills you can use immediately

The focus of our courses is on what participants can actually do at the end of the program.  Your training will translate into skills that can be used immediately in ‘real life’.  This is achieved through hands-on practice using case studies and exercises that compliment step-by-step learning modules.

Business development

Participants are encouraged to embrace learning strategies as part of ongoing business planning and their individual development needs.  We often receive feedback that participants have implemented new practices in their businesses following the completion of our courses.

“I enjoyed the style of teaching, in particular the sharing of real world life experiences.  This course has helped further my career path.”  Ben Warren, Invest Blue

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