The FARSTA training team


Leading the FARSTA team

Leah has worked in the finance industry in various roles since 1999.
As the former state manager of the MFAA, Leah has derived great satisfaction in supporting the business’s and personal development of finance professionals.
Having built her own successful Mortgage broking business, Leah has the experience and expertise to guide both new entrants and established individuals or business’s.
“Becoming a successful Mortgage Broker, begins with quality foundations”.


Matt has over 25 years of training experience across numerous fields including emergency services, aviation and finance. Matt currently works in the finance industry as a broker and co-director of Crew Financial, an award winning brokerage leveraging technology, systems and innovative business strategies. Matt is able share current industry and business insights which prepare the brokers of tomorrow for the challenges of this dynamic industry. Matt is passionate about adult education and has won SFG Mentor of the Year. 

Ian Johnson


Ian has been involved in the Mortgage Broking and Finance industry since 2009 and has been a successful broker since 2012.  Starting his journey from a non-banking industry background has allowed Ian to look into the mortgage broking industry with a different perspective.  Having achieved his ambitions as a broker, Ian has moved into a training role with FARSTA and is passionate about sharing his knowledge to improve the outcomes for finance professionals.  His wealth of knowledge will assist and inspire the next generation of brokers to start their careers on the right foot. 


Friendly, personable, and humble, Chris Todman has developed courses that impart vast knowledge in a fun, enjoyable environment. His passion for people and their personal development, combined with a desire to educate quality professionals, shines.
With more than 35 years experience in the banking and finance industry, Chris has a lifetime of understanding to share. He has been hands-on in roles spanning almost every facet of the industry through branch management, human resources, senior lending, and the national head of mortgage training at one of the world’s largest banks.