Chris Todman (Director of FARSTA – RTO Number 31635)

Friendly, personable, and humble, Chris Todman delivers courses that impart vast knowledge in a fun, enjoyable environment.  He has a passion for people and their personal development, shown through the way he facilitates courses through active experiences.

Chris is formally qualified – he holds an Associate Diploma in Human Resource Development, a Bachelor of Education, and Certificate IV Training and Assessment – but his real life examples are what add insight and flavour to his training courses.

Real experience that adds to your learning

With more than 35 years experience in the banking and finance industry, Chris has a lifetime of understanding to share.  He has been hands-on in roles spanning almost every facet of the industry through branch management, human resources, senior lending, and the national head of mortgage training at one of the world’s largest banks.

Learn from the best

Chris has been acknowledged as one of the best trainers in the industry.  He has been creating and delivering an array of lending programs for more than 20 years.  He knows what it takes to become a successful finance professional, and his style of teaching means this knowledge is imparted in a practical manner, which can be implemented in your own business.

“Chris is a great teacher.  He’s straight forward and easy to understand.”  Mandi Mlisa

“I appreciated Chris’ expertise and humour in allowing us to enjoy the course.”  John Tusa


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